Private Instructed Guided Rides

Up your skills and discover new trails.

We will customise the session to your wishes and skill level, although note that we will always start by covering some fundamental skills that will help every rider. This gives you a great foundation to build on, lets us assess your skill level/difficulties/strengths, and makes sure you understand the terminology we use.

Before purchasing a ticket; please contact us to discuss your plan and expectations. We will ride green and blue trails, finding the most fun features for you.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements. To help us understand what you're after can you please answer these questions:

1. What distance/elevation is a normal ride for you?

2. How often do you ride this far?

3. Where do you normally ride?

4. How long/far would you expect to ride on a tour with us?

Instructed guided ride prices are the same for 1 or 2 people:
$240 for the first 2 hours and $80 for each hour after that.

We start with a warm up trail to assess your level and what areas will be best for some coaching, and then jump into some drills to ensure you're riding your best when we get back to the trails. We then ride into the centre of the trail network, where we can decide on a route to aim for based on your ability, speed and desires.