Group Clinic:
201 Enhanced Cornering


Develop your skills to tackle all corners smoother, faster and with more commitment.

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Event Description

Every MTB trail has corners! This clinic will have you flowing through turns by expanding on the 102 A Solid Base clinic material with a focus specifically on cornering.

Have you ever thought about how you turn? Steering, leaning your body, leaning your bike, rotation…and deciding how much of each to apply? Corners are one of the most advanced trail features to tackle well, but also the most satisfying to perfect.

Each corner is different, and each requires every riding skill to work together if you want to ninsbe able to carry any speed through it. Add in the limited traction on our gravel trails, and often berms that do not inspire confidence, and we really have it tough. In this clinic we will progress through individual concepts, simplifying the complexities of tackling a corner into small pieces that we can; aiming to have you confident on all types of corner and ready to rail all of them.

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