Group Clinic:
301 Jump In Control


Back to the basics of jumping, learn the techniques to focus on, break bad habits, & jump more in control than you ever have before.

Key Points

The what, why and how of:

Event Description

Learn how to stay in control over tabletop jumps, as a building block to going bigger. Focus on body position, technique, reading different jumps and the timing and coordination needed to tackle jumps of different shapes/sizes and at different speeds.

You must have completed our "A Solid Base" clinic and be happy with applying the techniques taught there.

You will get the most out of this session if you are able to let off the brakes around berms, can lift the bike into the air when riding on flat ground and are comfortable riding through tabletop jumps regardless of getting airtime. We will work through each of these skills for any skill level.

Standard information: