Group Clinic:
xxxB Ride & Refine

Ride more. Try more. See more. Shred more!
The "Part B" of our group clinics.

In our experience we have seen that after being exposed to the fundamentals of what you are trying to learn, everyone needs their own time to go and ride for it to really sink in and make sense. But, eventually most people's progress stagnates unless they are able to follow and observe what a more skilled rider is doing, and they get feedback on how they ride actual trails without stopping. That's why we have the "ride & refine" part of our skills progression available!! 🎉 🕺

Instead of introducing new ideas and spending a bunch of time on drills, WE RIDE! And refine how you apply those skills we covered in the first part of the clinic. With a group size of only 3-4 people, and we get a whole lot of riding time!

And thanks to @wamountainbikeadventures we'll often be using the shuttle bus to get us to the top

The summary is:

- Custom session for each group: We cover what you need.

- Attend as many times as you like: They won't be the same.

- Only 3-4 people in a group: We are efficient and targeted at you.

- Get feedback, but also have the chance to watch how your coach rides.

- 2 hours of session, then you can keep shuttling afterwards.

- If we're taking shuttled uplifts: Use your shuttle card for the WA MTB Adventures bus.