Group Clinics Overview

Small group (3-6 people) in typically 3 hour sessions, our group clinics offer a fantastic bang-for-buck way to level up. All clinics are designed to be standalone, so you only need to make one time slot available in your schedule.

We offer 3 tiers of group clinic. These are not simply a beginner->expert sequence as different riders have different experience and desires. However, starting at the beginning and working your way up through the progression is recommended for most riders.

1xx: The critical skills and knowledge for “how to ride a mountain bike”.
2xx: Specific techniques for all riders to make riding more fun.
3xx: Adding skills progressions with timing & coordination; letting you own the trail.
xxxB: Refinement of the skills covered in the first part of the clinic.

The 1xx clinics have no pre-requisites.
The 2xx and 3xx clinics require the 102 clinic has been completed first.
The 3xx clinics may each have specific pre-requisites.
The xxxB clinics require that the matching primary clinic has been taken first (eg. 102 before 102B).

After you have completed a 3xx clinic it will still be beneficial for you to attend the 2xx clinics, as all skills can be learnt/improved at any time.

100 Trail Ready

The what, why and how of:

- Bike / Equipment Checks

- Basic Bike Setup

- Body Position

- Braking In Control

- Trail Etiquette and Considerations

Keep an eye out for these running before the KMBC beginner's social rides, or other special occasions.

101 Core Skills & Knowledge

The what, why and how of:

- Neutral & Attack Body Positions

- Cockpit Setup

- Other Equipment

- Energy Management

- Bike Setup

- Controlled Braking

- Front & Rear Wheel Lifts

102 A Solid Base

The what, why and how of:

- Vertical Range of Motion

- Passive v Active Movement

- Bike Angulation

- Bike-body Separation

- Front v Back Brake

- Brake Usage When and How

201 Enhanced Cornering

The what, why and how of:

- Trail Scanning & Vision

- Enhanced Braking

- Using your eyes

- Using your hips

- Using your knees

- Enhanced Traction Generation

202 Don't Sweat The Rough Stuff

The what, why and how of:

- Balance

- Keeping moving

- Staying attached to the bike

- Selective wheel paths

- Drops made easy

- Line selection

- Options to tackle rock gardens / roots

301 Jump In Control

The what, why and how of:

- Bike lifts

- Body position for jumps

- Vision

- Commitment / Driving the bike

- Press

- Controlling the bike's flight path

- Controlling your body's flight path

- Timing and Variations

xxxB Ride & Refine

Never stop learning. These clinics follow up each of the above.

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