Group Clinic:
101 Core Skills & Knowledge


Learn and hone the base techniques plus essential bike setup and riding knowledge to allow safely riding the WA pea gravel singletrack.

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Join us for a focus on how to ride in control while conserving energy and feeling good. Covering body position, how to most effectively use all of your controls, the critical techniques to apply, and important bike setup/simple tuning. We will stay on green trails, with challenges where each participant is able to choose how much to push themselves.

Learn the skills that will allow you to more confidently ride up and down the trails, especially over rocks and roots or once it gets slippery. We will customise to the desires and skills of the class, progressing to the techniques for front wheel lifts and rear wheel lifts (yes, this is possible with flat pedals too). We will discuss how to set up your bike (and yes, tyre pressures) to work the best for you (and get performance improvements for free!).

This clinic is suitable for beginner riders wanting to learn the skills of mountain biking that they may not have been exposed to in their previous riding, and also for intermediate riders who haven’t had coaching and want to break some bad habits or get a detailed understanding of the core points for riding a mountain bike. It is very "Q&A" based, and is a chance for you to ask those questions you have always wanted to know the answer to, and test what you know.

If you have never taken any sort of skills lesson, you will not be disappointed with the content we cover. If you are only new to mountain biking then it is not too early to attend this clinic. We pack a lot into the 3 hours, but this is less intense than what we cover in the 102 A Solid Base, which is the next clinic to progress onto.

You will need to provide your own bike. If you need to rent the easiest option is from Rock & Roll as they are at the trails a quick ride from where we meet.

This course is targeted at adults, but we allow children to come along if they are accompanied by a parent and find this works well.

(This clinic has also been known as "Starter Skills & Knowledge")

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