Group Clinic:
102 A Solid Base


Learn or hone the core techniques to allow riding smoother, faster and safer.

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Understand why body position and using your full range of movement is such an important mountain biking skill, and its impact on traction, control and conserving energy. We'll get you driving the bike so you're not a passenger through increasingly advanced terrain. Add in when and how to brake to maximise its effectiveness and you'll have the base building blocks for smashing all of your riding goals. You will come out of this session a whole lot more confident on the bike.

This clinic is aimed at intermediate riders wanting to push themselves to more advanced terrain, but is also suitable for beginner riders learning the base techniques. We'll focus on how to maintain traction and control to achieve flow down a trail, with each participant able to choose how much to challenge themselves. Beginner participants must be able to ride up and down green trails without needing to stop or put a foot on the ground; this is not for first-time riders.

This course is targeted at adults but we allow children to come along if they are accompanied by a parent who agrees that the clinic will be run as if it was only adults, and find this works well. Our 12-15 year olds version of this clinic does however cover the same content.

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